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Welcome to our very first newsletter. You are receiving this email because I or someone else at our booth was able to get your information or you filled out our form online.

I will send one of these each time we have a new (W)ISP partner whose story we feel should be told and when we have something cool going that is worth your attention. We are all entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the word, so why not use this medium to get to know each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

In this very 1st newsletter, I’ll introduce everyone to Ethoplex, our very 1st customer partner.

Ethoplex is run by their charismatic CEO Keefe John. Ethoplex was founded in 2004 with the principal focus of offering cutting-edge communications services to business customers in Southeastern Wisconsin. Their mission is to provide the “Best of Breed” in data center, network connectivity, and voice technology solutions that meet and exceed client needs, with the ultimate goal of improving each client’s health, efficiency, profitability and growth.

Keefe John was the winner of the Wisconsin Inno Fire Award 2018, which honors individuals across the state setting the technology ecosystem ablaze. Keefe John is also the Chairman Advocacy Committee and a Director of the board of WISPA.ORG, which represents the interests of the evolving wireless Internet service provider (WISP) ecosystem.

Keefe has been kind enough to let everyone try out Ethoplex.tv, which we build for his organization with the help of Ethoplex’s Robert Guenther, a genius who taught us a thing or two on how to capture and insert local channels onto our own WISPTV platform using free software and a few hundred dollars of off the shelf equipment.

If you own a Roku, search for Ethoplex TV in the Roku store. Note that the local and cable channels are geofenced to Ethoplex’s WISPTV IPTV system. Still, the FAST (Free Advertising Supported TV) and OTT channels we licensed for them should give you a good idea of how awesome their TV solution is and how it allows them to offer triple play. If you are in Wisconsin, give Keefe a ring, he’ll be happy you tell you how WISPTV helps him with customer acquisition, retention and increased RPU.

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