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Let us
handle the rest.

WISPTV will increase your subscribers’ happiness and loyalty with a relevant TV add-on service that increases RPU while minimizing churn.

The white label TV service for ISPs

All your subscribers’ favorite TV content anywhere, on any device and in one place.

Your Brand. Your TV Addon.

Add a new revenue stream, maximize subscriber value, and minimize churn by offering your subscribers a relevant and affordable TV  addon service using your own brand.

Our service is not a cable replacement (who watches only cable these days anyway?). Instead of competing with the big boys, you can offer your subscribers something they are easily able to afford and enjoy alongside their Netflix, Hulu and Amazon subscriptions.

The Best TV Experience.

Transform your business model by becoming a leading
entertainment provider and giving customers everything
they want in one place.

TV is Personal, WISPTV is Personalized.

We build a fully white-label and customized TV service for your business in less than 2 weeks.

Our platform is trusted by millions of happy customers. Your customers already have the best internet – why not give them all of their favorite TV content all in one place?

Your customers will be able to record live programs and play them on our cloud DVR at their convenience without taxing your infrastructure.

Works on all internet-connected devices.


Live TV & DVR made for ISPs

Rural and wireless Internet Providers

All things TV!

News, Top Shows, Sports, Free Classics and More!

The best movies

Latest Pay Per View Movies on Demand!

Updated daily

Fresh & Live Content Added Daily: Shows, Sports, News, Weather, Movies


What's WISPTV?

WISPTV is an IPTV service which can be augmented with OTT and FAST channels created by a small ISP and that does wireless and fiber so it’s optimized for our industry.

What are the costs associated with your TV service?

The pricing for the ISP is based on the number of subscribers. We offer special small WISP pricing and large-scale deployment pricing to cater to different business sizes and requirements. For more details about pricing do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

What devices are compatible with your TV service?

Our TV service works on all internet-connected devices but some devices have a dedicated app like Roku.

How long does it take to build a fully white-labeled and customized TV service for my business?

Our platform can build a fully white-labeled and customized TV service for your business in 1-2 weeks, providing a quick and efficient solution to get your TV service up and running.

How does the pricing for Residential differ from MDUs?

Residential pricing is higher compared to MDUs, ranging around $75. This is due to different pricing considerations and factors associated with residential properties.

Why is there a price difference between MDUs and Residential?

The pricing difference between MDUs and Residential is based on various factors such as the size of the property, the number of subscribers, and the associated costs and infrastructure requirements for each type of property.

Is the TV addon service a cable replacement?

No, the TV addon service is not intended to be a cable replacement. It is designed to complement the existing streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, by offering an additional affordable and enjoyable option for subscribers to consider.

Why is affordability important for the TV addon service?

Affordability is important because it allows your subscribers to easily add the TV addon service to their existing subscriptions without breaking the bank. It makes it more accessible for a wider audience, increasing the likelihood of adoption and usage.

Can I brand the TV addon service with my own logo and identity?

Yes, the TV addon service can be branded with your own logo and identity, allowing you to maintain your brand consistency and strengthen your overall brand presence. This gives you the opportunity to offer a unique and differentiated service to your subscribers under your own brand name.

Can my customers record live programs with your TV service?

Yes, your customers will be able to record live programs and play them on our cloud DVR at their convenience. This feature allows for greater flexibility and convenience for your customers to watch their favorite TV content.

Can I get access to your FAST channels and OTT channels?

The availability of our FAST channels and OTT channels depends on a few factors, including the number of users you have, your platform and apps, and whether you are an ISP and where you are located.

Does being an ISP and location matter for accessing FAST channels and OTT channels?

Yes, being an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your location could impact the availability of FAST channels and OTT channels. It may be subject to regulatory requirements, licensing agreements, and geographical restrictions. We will need to consider these factors before making a decision.

What type of content is available with Live TV + DVR service?

Live TV + DVR service offers a variety of content, including news, top shows, sports, weather, movies, and more. It provides a diverse range of options to cater to different interests and preferences.

What are the benefits of Live TV + DVR service for rural and wireless Internet Providers?

Live TV + DVR service offers a range of benefits for rural and wireless Internet Providers, including access to a variety of content, ability to offer pay per view movies on demand, and fresh & live content that is updated daily. It can enhance the entertainment options for subscribers and provide additional revenue opportunities for providers.

Can rural and wireless Internet Providers customize the content with Live TV + DVR service?

The availability of customization options may vary depending on the specific service provider and their arrangement with the content providers. Please contact our team for more information on customization options and possibilities.

What are the advantages of offering TV content all in one place for my customers?

By providing all of your customers' favorite TV content in one place, you can enhance their viewing experience and convenience. It eliminates the need for customers to navigate multiple platforms, making it easier for them to access and enjoy their preferred content.

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